Seal of the Town of Huntington

This is an unofficial version. For the official version, please see the Town Clerk.
Current as of April, 2009

Section 10  Appointed/Elected Official Resignation

Any elected or appointed official, except those related to building inspection services and those employed by Town Council, must submit written resignation to the Town Clerk and Selectman within thirty (30) days of establishing an out-of-town residence.

Section 10-A  Capital Improvement Planning Committee

Section 1:  Committee

The Huntington Board of Selectmen shall establish and appoint a committee to be known as the Capital Improvement Planning Committee, composed of five members who shall be residents of the Town of Huntington and appointed annually as follows:

The Planning Board, Finance Committee and Board of Selectmen shall select one of their members for appointment.  The Town Accountant shall be an ex-officio Committee staff member without the right to vote.  Any vacancy shall be filled by the Board of Selectmen or the appropriate board for the remainder of the term.  The Committee shall choose its own officers.

Section 2:  Duties

The committee shall develop a list of town assets and study proposed capital projects and improvements involving major non-recurring tangible assets and projects which:

  • Have a useful life of at least five years, and
  • Cost over $10,000.

All department heads, boards and commissioners, including the selectmen, shall by December 1st of each year give to the Committee, on forms prepared by it, information concerning all anticipated projects requiring Town Meeting action during the ensuring six years.  The Committee shall consider the relative need, impact, timing, cost, completeness of the plan, community support, availability of outside funding and other factors deemed appropriate to the individual expenditures and the effect each will have on the financial position of the town.
( Adopted ATM5/2/2000)

Section 10-B  Audit

Beginning with fiscal year 2003 and every three years thereafter, the town shall have a independent audit performed, which shall begin no later than six months after the end of the fiscal year, shall include, at a minimum, the following departments:

Board of Assessors, Town Accountant, Town Collector, Town Treasurer.  The Board of Selectmen may vote to include additional departments in the audit.  The Board of Selectmen may vote not to have this independent audit performed if an independent audit was done in the previous fiscal year, which satisfied the requirements of this bylaw.
(Adopted 5/14/2001)