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Current as of April, 2009

Section 11  Site Development Review 

1. The purpose of the By-Law is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, coordinate the activities of the various Town boards and officials, promote the observance and enforcement of the laws and ordinances which regulate the use and development of land and structures in the Town of Huntington, inform property owners of their rights and duties under these laws and ordinances, and to educate applicants so as to assist them in their project.

2. Requirements for application and procedures for the site plan review shall be established and revised as deemed needed by the Site Development Review Committee, subject to approval by the Selectboard.  The Site Development Review Committee shall be appointed annually by the Selectboard, and consist of the Zoning Enforcement Officer, Site Development Review Officer (for a term which expires on July 1st of each year), one member each fro the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Conservation Commission, the Planning Board, and the Board of Health and such other members as the Selectboard my designate.

3. All work which requires a special permit shall be subject to a review conducted by the Site Development Review Committee.  Upon application for a building permit, the Building Inspector shall determine if it is of a scope deemed appropriate to be subject to an application for site development review.  Such SDRC application will then be presented to the applicant by the Building Inspector, which, upon completion, will then be passed on to the Site Development Review Officer.

4.  Upon receipt of an application, the Site Development Review Officer shall submit copies to appropriate Town boards and/or officials.   A copy of said application shall also be posted in a conspicuous location within Town offices.  Town boards and officials so notified shall review the application pursuant to laws and regulations under their jurisdiction.  Said Town boards and officials shall report their findings in writing to the Site Development Review Officer within fourteen (14) days of receipt.  Copies of said ports shall be forwarded to the applicant by the Site Development Review Officer.

5.  No building permit or special permit applied for under Site Development Review shall be issued until the applicant has received Site Development reports from the Site Development Review Officer within twenty-one (21) days of receipt of application by the Town Boards.  Furthermore, all special permits must be reviewed by the Zoning Enforcement  Officer, Planning, Zoning, Conservation Commission, Board of Health and the Selectboard prior to issuance, allowing seven (7) days for their review and recommendations.

6. Site Development Review Committee members shall inspect sites operating under town special permits periodically, or upon receipt of a written complaint, with advance notification, to insure compliance to all permit conditions.  All site inspections must have at least the Enforcement Officer and one or more SDRC or other Town board members.
(ATM 5/14/2001, Act, Legislature)

11A   Soil Erosion & Sediment Control   (Repealed 9/15/2004)