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Current as of April, 2009

Section 12  Dogs

A penalty as provided in Section 43 of these By-Laws shall be assessed against any owner or keeper of a dog who violates this By-Law. In addition, any such owner or keeper shall pay the Dog Officer’s Cost incurred in enforcing this By-Law.

Section 12-1  License Fees

The annual fee for dog licenses will be as follows:
$4.00   Male & Spayed Female Dog   
$6.00   Un-spayed Female Dog

Section 12-2  Kennel License Fees

The annual fee for a Kennel License Fee shall be:
$25.00 Four to Ten Dogs
$75.00 Ten or More Dogs

For the purpose of determining the amount of such fee for any kennel, dogs under the age of six months shall not be counted in the number of dogs kept therein.

Section 12-3  Registration by Town Clerk

The registering, numbering, describing, and licensing of dogs in the Town of Huntington, if kept in said Town, shall be conducted in the Office of the Town Clerk.

Section 12-4  License Money Deposited Town Treasury

All money received for or from the sale of dog licenses or kennel licenses or recovered fines or penalties by said Town of Huntington under the provisions of Chapter 140 relating to dogs, and shall not thereafter, be paid over by the Town Treasurer to Hampshire County.

The Town Clerk shall be responsible for collecting, pick-up, confinement, and other offences will be assessed and collected by the Dog Officer and turned over to the Town for deposit in the Town Treasury within two (2) weeks notice of violation given to the owner by hand or through mail.

Section 12-5  Licensing Period

All dogs must be licensed by July 1st of each year. Licenses are valid from July 1st until June 30th annually.

A late fee of up to $20.00 per dog may be assessed for each dog not licensed as aforesaid.

All dogs three months or older must be licensed. These dogs may be licensed without the immunization until six months of age at which time the owner will have fifteen (15) days to obtain the immunization without the imposition of additional fines and relicensing fees. All dogs six months or older must be immunized against rabies prior to the issuance of a license.

Should a dog’s rabies immunization expire after July 1st but prior to June 30th next, the license is no longer valid until proof of new immunization is received by the Town Clerk.
Failure to revaccinate your dog within fifteen days of the immunization expiration date will result in the assessment of twenty-five dollar fine and relicensing costs. The fines and relicensing fees will be assessed and collected by the Town Clerk.

Section 12-6  Dog Running Loose-Pick-Up

Any dog found running looses and not under the direct control of the owner shall be picked up and confined at the dog officer’s quarters or another substitute establishment.
A fee or pick-up and confining the animal will be charged, (Rates to be established by the Selectboard and Dog Officer on July 1st of each year). Valid license shall be presented upon owner’s claiming of the animal.

Penalties: (Adopted ATM 5/2/1994)
Maximum fine allowed:  $100.00
Enforcement Agent: Dog Officer
1st offence: Warning
2nd offence: $25.00
3rd offence: $50.00
4th offence: $l00.00 per day

Each day a violation exists shall be deemed to be a separate violation.

Section 12-7  Dogs Running Loose-Not Caught

(Replaced with 12-7A, ATM 5/3/04)

Section 12-7A  Dogs Running Unrestrained

No person owning, keeping, or having possession, custody, or control of any dog in the Town shall allow such dog to stray run or roam at large upon public property or the land of another, except if it be on the premises of another person with the knowledge and permission of such other person, nor allow such dog to roam at large on any portion of any public highway.  Such owner or keeper of a dog in the Town which is not on the premises of the owner or upon the premises of another with the knowledge and permission of such person, shall restrain such dog by a chain or leash.  Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit or prohibit the use of hunting dogs during the open season or training of hunting dogs or the holding of field trials for hunting dogs or the use of service dogs.

The unauthorized presence of any dog on the land of any person other than the owner or keeper of such dog, or on the premises of any school, or public way, or other public property, when such dog is not restrained as mentioned above shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section and shall be subject to the fines outlined in Section 43.
Policies and Penalties.(ATM 5/3/2004)

Section 12-7B  Nuisance-Public Safety

No person shall own or keep within the Town any dog which by biting, barking, or in any other manner disturbs the peace and quiet of any neighbor or endangers the safety of any person or domesticated farm animal.

Any person permitting a dog owned or kept by them to perform its natural body functions on public property or property of other than that of the dog’s owner or keeper shall be responsible for immediate proper disposal thereof.
Violation of this section shall be subject to the fines outlined in Section 43 Policies and Penalties.   
(ATM 5/3/2004)                      

Section 12-8  Enforcement

Section 5, 6, and 7 shall be enforced by the Dog Officer and Police Officers of the Town of Huntington only. A signed statement by said officer shall be considered sufficient proof that a violation has been committed.

Maximum Fine Allowed                                                $100.00 / day
Enforcement Agent: Dog Officer
1st Offense: Warning (Unless injuries are caused, in which case the penalty is not limited to a warning.)
2nd Offense: $25.00
3rd Offense: $50.00
4th Offense: $100.00 per day

Each day a violation exists shall be deemed to be a separate violation.
( Amended ATM 5/3/2004)

Section 12-9    Town Clerk Fees

(repealed 1994)

Section 12-10  Issue Restraint Order/$200.00 Bond

Persons who own dogs who have been issued a restraint order by the Board of Health, or the Board of Selectman, of the Town of Huntington, shall be required to post a Two Hundred Dollar ($200.00) bond to be held by the Town of Huntington for a period equal to the restraint confinement order.
The person has the option of installing a chain-link enclosure for this animal. If this is done, the bond of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) will be returned.

Failure to comply with the order will compel the Town, through its Dog Officer, to impound same animal, until a decision is made to return to owner, sell, put up for adoption, or destroy said animal.

The owner shall be responsible for charges due to impoundment and any bills for services for said animal(s).

Section 12-11  Owner Appeal Selectboard/District Court

The owner of any animal violating Sections 5 through 10 have the right to appeal the violation, first to the full Board of Selectman and then, if not satisfied, the Northampton District Court. The Court’s decision shall be final.

The Court may assess additional court fees.