Seal of the Town of Huntington

This is an unofficial version. For the official version, please see the Town Clerk.
Current as of April, 2009

Section 23  Animals on Public Property

No person shall pasture or suffer to run at large any house or grazing animal upon any street in the Town except that a person may pasture an animal upon the portion of such street or way adjoining his premises or contiguous thereto.

No person shall pasture or tether any animal in such a manner as to obstruct a street, sidewalk, or crosswalk.

Penalties: .(Adopted ATM 5/2/94)
Maximum Fine Allowed: $100.00
Enforcement Agent: Animal Control officer
1st Offence: Warning
2nd Offence: $25.00
3rd Offence: $50.00
4th Offence: $100.00 per day

Each day a violation exists shall be deemed to be a separate violation.