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This is an unofficial version. For the official version, please see the Town Clerk.
Current as of April, 2009


10.01  General

All work done in a subdivision pursuant to a definitive plan shall be inspected as it proceeds, by a person appointed or authorized by the Planning Board, and at the expense of the subdivider. The Board shall not approve work done in a subdivision, or release bonds or covenants, unless all inspections have been performed and certified in writing as specified by these rules and regulations or as otherwise required by the Board.

10.02  Payment for Inspections

Payment for all inspections, including those done on the Board’s behalf, but at the subdividers expense, shall be required before the Board shall release the subdivider’s bond, deposit, or covenant. If the Board requires that inspections be made by an Engineer named by the Town, said Engineer shall be chosen and payment handled according to §7.05 (3-5) of these Rules.  Separate fees may be assessed by the Board of Health and/or the Sewer and Water Commission.

10.03  Schedule of Inspections

  1. The Board shall require the following inspections and may require satisfactory completion of one step before the subdivider proceeds to the next. It may require tests to be done at the expense of the subdivider as a condition for approval when in the opinion of the Board such tests are advisable.

  2. Inspections shall be arranged by written request of the subdivider to the proper official(s). Such request shall be made at least two working days prior to the time when the subdivider plans to be ready for inspection. A copy of each request shall be sent to the Board by the subdivider.

  3. Unless otherwise stipulated by the Board, inspections shall be for the following:
  • INSPECTION #1: Clearing of Right-of-way,

  • INSPECTION #2: Subgrade Preparation

  • INSPECTION #3: Drainage (Below Grade) Installation

  • INSPECTION #4: Water (mains and related equipment including fire hydrants) Installation (if applicable)

  • INSPECTION #5: Gravel Road Base Installation

  • INSPECTION #6: Curb Installation (if applicable)

  • INSPECTION #7: Pavement Binder Course Application

  • INSPECTION #8: Surface Drainage Installation

  • INSPECTION #9: Berm Installation (if applicable)

  • INSPECTION #10: Pavement Finish Course Application

  • INSPECTION # 11: Sidewalk Construction (if applicable)

  • INSPECTION # 12: Street Trees and Planting

  • INSPECTION # 13: Street Signs and Monuments

  • INSPECTION # 14: Street Lights (if applicable)

  • INSPECTION # 15: Final Cleanup