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Current as of April, 2009


In administering these Regulations, the definitions in  MGL Ch. 41, §81-L shall apply (unless a contrary intention clearly appears). In addition, the following words shall have the following meanings:

The person who applies for the approval of a Plan of a proposed Subdivision. The applicant or applicants must be the owner or owners of all the land included in the proposed subdivision. An agent, representative or his assigns may act for an owner, provided written evidence of such fact is submitted. Evidence in the form of a list of the officers and designated authority to sign legal documents shall be required for a corporation.

The Planning Board of the Town of Huntington.

A dwelling, shed, or garage, etc.  Not to be interpreted as a sewer, water, or other utility.

Certified by (or Endorsed by) a Planning Board-
As applied to a plan or other instrument required or authorized by the Subdivision Control Law to be recorded shall mean bearing a certification or endorsement signed by a majority of the members of the Planning Board or any other person authorized by the Planning Board to certify or endorse its approval or other action and named in a written statement to the Register of Deeds and Recorder of the Land Court, signed by a majority of the Planning Board.

Developer or Subdivider-
The owner of land being subdivided, acting directly or through an authorized agent or attorney or assigns.

Development Impact Statement (DIS)-
A documented, written analysis of a proposed subdivision which provides the Planning Board and its agents with information necessary for plan review. Prepared by the applicant, a DIS shall be prepared in a format which is clear, concise and complete.  Any intentional effort to create confusion or otherwise mislead the Planning Board may be deemed grounds for rejection of the application and loss of all fees attached.

Any person who is registered or otherwise legally authorized by the State of Massachusetts to perform professional civil engineering services.

General Laws (abbreviated MGL)-
The General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as amended.

Municipal services-
Sewers, water drains, water pipes, gas pipes, electrical lines, telephone lines, fire alarm lines, and their respective appurtenances.

The owner of record as shown by the records in the Hampshire County Registry of Deeds or Land Court.

Plan, Definitive-
A proposed, detailed plan of a subdivision submitted by the applicant to be recorded in the Registry of Deeds or Land Court when approved by the Planning Board.

Plan, Preliminary- 
A plan of a subdivision submitted by the applicant showing sufficient information to form a clear basis for discussion and clarification of its general contents and for the preparation of a definitive Plan.

The act of dividing a tract of land into two or more lots, including re-subdivision. 

The product of the act of subdividing (i.e. the completed development).

(Subdivision and divisions of land that do not constitute a subdivision are further defined in the Massachusetts Subdivision Control Law and applicable case law.)

14. Subdivision Control Law-
§81-K to  §81-GG, inclusive, of Chapter 41, of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, entitled "Subdivision Control", as last amended.

15. Streets (“Major, Secondary and Minor” further defined in §8.06 (2) of these Rules)-
Major Streets –
a street which, in the opinion of the Board, is likely to carry substantial volumes of through traffic.

Secondary Streets –
a street other than a major street which, in the opinion of the Board, is likely to carry traffic other than just to or from lots on that street.

Minor Streets –
a street which is likely to be used only by vehicles traveling to or from lots on that street.

Dead End Streets/Cul-de-sac –
a public or private vehicular right-of-way which affords the principal means of access to abutting property and which has no exit and intersects with another street only at its entrance.
16. Surveyor-
Any person who is registered or otherwise legally authorized by the State of Massachusetts to perform land surveying services.

17. Turnaround-
A widening and/or other alteration of a street to enable vehicles to reverse direction, normally at the dead end of a street.

18. USGS-
United States Geological Survey.  Refers to most recent data set readily available.

19. Way-
A right-of-way or means of access to a lot.  A public way is one which has been accepted by the Town of Huntington or has otherwise been created as a public street.  Any other way over land which is privately owned, but which is set forth by deed covenant, deed description, or other means is a private way.