Seal of the Town of Huntington

This is an unofficial version. For the official version, please see the Town Clerk.
Current as of April, 2009


No person shall make a subdivision within the meaning of the Subdivision Control Law of any land within the Town, or proceed with the improvement or sale of lots in a subdivision, or the construction of ways, or the installation of municipal services therein, unless and until a definitive plan of such subdivision has been submitted to, approved and endorsed by, the Planning Board as hereinafter provided, and recorded at the Hampshire County Registry of Deeds.

4.01  Effect of Prior Recording of Subdivision of Land

The recording of a plan of land within the Town in the Registry of Deeds of Hampshire County prior to the effective date of the Subdivision Control Law in the Town of Huntington, showing the division thereof into existing or proposed lots, sites or other divisions and ways furnishing access thereto, shall not exempt such land from the application and operation of these Rules and Regulations, except as specifically exempt by §81-FF of the Subdivision Control Law.

4.02  Compliance with Zoning Bylaws

No plan of a subdivision shall be approved unless all of the building lots shown on the plan comply with the Zoning Bylaws of the Town of Huntington, Massachusetts.

4.03  Requirements for More Stringent Standards

The Planning Board may, in special and appropriate cases, require the developer to follow more stringent standards than the ones mentioned in these Rules and Regulations.  In doing so, the Planning Board shall notify the developer in writing of said standards and the reason they are required.

4.04  Requests for Waivers

A request for a waiver of a requirement, rule, or regulation shall be made in writing by the applicant and developer jointly, if not the same person, and submitted, whenever feasible, with the submission of the Preliminary Plan.

If the Planning Board approves the request for a waiver, it shall endorse conditions of such waiver (if any) on the plan or set them forth in a separate instrument attached to and referenced to the plan, which shall be deemed a part of the plan.  The Planning Board shall notify the applicant in writing of its approval, disapproval, or approval with conditions.  Unless a waiver is specifically requested and granted, all the standards in these regulations must be met, notwithstanding anything shown on the subdivision plans submitted to the Planning Board.