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6.04  Contents

The Preliminary Plan shall be drawn at an appropriate scale (1” = 40’ to 1" = 100') on 24" by 36" sheets.  The plan must show sufficient information about the subdivision to form a clear basis for discussion and for the preparation of the Definitive Plan.  In addition, the plan shall show at least the following information:

  1. The subdivision name, boundaries, true north arrow, date of submission, scale, legend and title "Preliminary Plan".

  2. The names and addresses of the owner(s) of record, the applicant and the names, addresses and professional seals of the registered Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor.

  3. The names and addresses of all abutters and abutters-to-abutters within 300 feet, as determined from the most recent tax list.

  4. Existing and proposed lines of street, rights-of-way, easements, and any public or common areas within the subdivision.  Purpose of easements must be indicated.

  5. Location, names and present widths of streets bounding, approaching, or within reasonable proximity to the subdivision.

  6. Location of natural waterways and water bodies on the subdivision parcel(s) and within 200 feet of the subdivision. The plan should indicate whether streams are shown by the USGS as perennial or intermittent unless the Conservation Commission has made a determination regarding them, in which case, that determination should be indicated.

  7. Boundary lines of all proposed lots with approximate dimensions and lot areas in square feet.

  8. Location of all permanent monuments identified as existing or proposed.

  9. Location of all existing and proposed structures on, and existing structures within 100 feet of the proposed subdivision.

  10. The existing and proposed topography at a five (5) foot contour interval or better.  Datum must be relative to USGS Mean Sea Level. 

  11. Major site features, such as existing stone walls, fences, buildings, large trees, rock ridges and ledge, swamps, historic features and wooded areas.

  12. Whenever applicable and in a general manner, the proposed and existing storm drainage, sanitary sewer or septic, and water systems.

  13. A sketch of the applicant's (and other) parcels of contiguous un-subdivided land, showing possible or contemplated development and street layout, if applicable.

  14. Any zoning or district boundary established by the Town Zoning By-Law which divides or bounds the areas to be subdivided.

  15. Any portion of the proposed subdivision which falls within the limits of the 100 year flood line, as shown on Federal Insurance Rate Maps.

  16. When multiple sheets are necessary, match lines shall be used and referenced.  An index plan graphically indicating the arrangement of said standard (24' x 36") sheets at a suitable scale shall be provided.

  17. During a discussion of the Preliminary Plan, the complete information required by the Definitive Plan, §7.00, may be developed.

  18. A locus or location plan at USGS scale (1:25,000) showing the subdivision and its location to the surrounding roadways and physical features and drainage boundaries for watersheds & streams

  19. The applicant shall request, in writing to the Planning Board, any proposed waivers of a requirement, rule or regulation he/she/they may require.

  20. Location of all planned or potential future roads.