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Current as of April, 2009


7.02  Submission

The plan, accompanying forms, documentation and the applicable fee, shall be submitted by hand delivery or certified mail (return receipt requested) first to the Town Clerk (for date stamping) and then (minus one copy held by the Town Clerk) to the Planning Board.  In addition, written notice (Appendix, Form C) shall be filed by hand-delivery or registered mail with the Town Clerk, who will certify the date of submission of the plan.  The Town Clerk shall give a written receipt, if requested, to the person who delivered such notice.

The full submission shall consist of:

  1. Sixteen copies of the  properly executed application (see Appendix, Form C).

  2. Sixteen (16) prints (dark line on white background) of the Definitive Plan (including all plans, maps and cross sections, and documents required in §7.03 and §7.04), together with all other information and documentation, as required in these Rules and Regulations and seven (7) additional copies of the preliminary plan page showing wetlands (these additional copies may be 11” by 17” reduced scale copies).  Fold each copy of the plan and attach the Form C application and associated material to each copy. The Planning Board shall file prints with the Board of Health, the Fire Department, the Conservation Commission, and the  Highway Superintendent.   At least one of these prints shall have the significant features illustrated according to the following color scheme:

    1. Roads - dark gray;

    2. Streams and water-bodies - blue;

    3. Wetlands - solid red;

    4. One hundred year floodplains - orange;

    5. Dedicated Open Space and recreation areas - green;

    6. Pedestrian and bicycle paths - brown;

    7. Subdivision boundaries - black.

  3. The appropriate fee (See §11.06).

  4. A sketch plan showing a possible prospective street layout for any adjacent un-subdivided land owned or controlled by the owner or applicant of the subdivision and also showing topography, unless such a plan has already been submitted to the Planning Board.

  5. Plans may be required to be accompanied by a digital CAD (Computer Assisted Design) File and a digital graphic file.  After final approval by the Planning Board a digital CAD file in both model and paper space versions may be required to be submitted to the Selectboard and Planning Board.