Seal of the Town of Huntington

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Current as of April, 2009


7.03  Contents

The Definitive Plan shall bear the seal of a Massachusetts Registered Land Surveyor and a Registered Professional Engineer.  The plan shall be at a scale of one (1) inch equals forty (40) feet, unless otherwise specified by the Planning Board, and of a sheet size 24 inches by 36 inches outside dimensions.  If multiple sheets are used, they shall include matchlines, and be accompanied by an index sheet showing the entire subdivision, and all plans, layouts, profiles, cross sections and application shall be deemed to constitute the Definitive Plan.  The Definitive Plan shall contain the following information:

  1. A single location plan of the subdivision , showing the proposed lot lines, the right-of-way lines of all proposed streets in the subdivision and their location in relation to one or more existing streets or portions thereof.   An inset at a scale of 1" = 1,200' shall be included on the location plan showing the location of the subdivision within the town.

  2. The subdivision name, boundaries, the coordinate north arrow, date, scale, legend and title, "Definitive Plan".

  3. The names of owners of record, the applicant and the Registered Land Surveyor and Registered Professional Engineer, and official seals.  Certification by the Surveyor that all surveying conforms to the technical standards for property surveyors of the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping shall appear on the plan.

  4. Names, addresses and plan location of all abutters indicating limits of contiguous boundaries (within 200 feet of the boundary of the subdivision) and those owners of land separated from the subdivision only by a street. 

  5. Existing and proposed lines of streets, lots, rights-of-way, easements, and any public or common areas within the subdivision.  (The proposed names of proposed streets shall be shown in pencil until they have been approved by the Planning Board.)  Purpose of easement shall be indicated.

  6. Location, names and present widths of streets bounding, approaching, or within reasonable proximity of the subdivision.

  7. Location of  wetlands, perennial and intermittent streams, vernal pools, vernal pool upland habitat areas, waterways and water bodies within and adjacent to the subdivision.

  8. Major site features, such as existing stone walls, fences, buildings, large trees, rock ridges and ledge, swamps, flood plains, historic features, and wooded areas on and within 100 feet of the proposed subdivision.  The plan shall identify which of the above shall remain undisturbed.

  9. Sufficient data, including lengths, bearings, and curve data to determine the exact location, direction and length of every street and way line, lot line and boundary line, and to establish these lines on the ground.  All surveys must tie to the Massachusetts State Plane coordinate System (NAD 1983 Datum), using said published control points or the global positioning system.

  10. Location of all permanent monuments and control points identified as to whether existing or proposed, and identified according to the Massachusetts State Plane coordinate system (NAD 1983 Datum).  At least two permanent concrete or granite monuments must be placed on site and shown in the plans prior to construction.  Bounds are required at all intersections of street lines, angle points and changes of curvature of street lines.  All control points shall be tied to and employ  NAVD 1988  AND the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System (NAD 1983 Horizontal Datum), with horizontal control using said published control points or the global positioning system  (with horizontal coordinates provided in metric).  Vertical benchmarks separate from horizontal control points may be provided, provided these points are also tied to permanent concrete or granite monuments.

  11. Boundary lines, areas in square feet, and dimensions of all proposed lots, with all lots designated numerically and in sequence.

  12. Suitable space to record the action of the Planning Board and the signatures of the members of the Planning Board on each sheet of the Definitive Plan and reference to separate certificate by the Town Clerk.
  13. The following items shall be submitted on separate sheets:

  14. Existing and proposed topography (sufficiently differentiated) with two (2) foot contour intervals for the entire parcel, unless the Planning Board agrees that the natural surface of the ground may be adequately represented by contours with larger intervals or by figures of elevation.  (The existing and proposed topographical information presented shall be sufficient to define the grading of each proposed lot and street.)  Datum to be NAVD 1988 or later.

  15. Where a storm drainage line, or any type of drainage structure discharges within 200 feet of a brook, stream, or drainage area, a profile will be shown of the brook, stream, or drainage area to determine condition, and proposed method of stabilization.

  16. A street layout plan on a separate 24" x 36" sheet, horizontal scale 1" = 40', for each street in the subdivision showing exterior lines, roadway lines, partial lot lines, curb lines, intersection angles, points of tangency, and radii of curves.  Also included on the street layout plan shall be location, size, type of construction, elevations and invert, whenever applicable, of all pipes and conduits of the:

    1. Water Supply System, including pumps, valves, stubs, gates, hydrants, and similar equipment;

    2. Storm Drainage System, including manholes, pipes, culverts, catch basins, detention ponds, and appurtenant structures;

    3. Sanitary Sewerage System, including piping, manholes, pumps, community septic tanks, and any other related equipment;

    4. Electric and Telephone Wiring, in conduits, including allowance for cable TV and emerging technologies, such as fibre-optic cables, to be installed after construction;

  17. A Profile Plan on the same sheet located directly below and coordinated with the street layout plan, indicating existing profiles on the exterior and center lines (using light weight lines) and proposed profile on the center line (using heavy weight lines) of each proposed street, at a horizontal scale of 1" = 40' and a vertical scale of 1" =4'.  All elevations shall refer to U.S.G.S. Mean Sea Level datum (NAVD 1988 or later).  Profiles shall show existing and proposed street grades, rates of gradient on percentages, ground and proposed elevations at center line of each fifty (50) foot station, and grades of intersection streets and ways shall be clearly indicated.

  18. The Profile Plan shall show location of existing and proposed water, drainage and sanitary sewer lines, slopes and types (material and class) of all storm and sanitary sewer lines, invert, rim elevations and station of each manhole or catch basin.

  19. A typical cross section for the full width of the proposed right-of-way shall be shown in accordance with the "Street Cross Section" illustrated in fig. 4 on pg. 35 of these Rules, showing foundation material, wearing surface, crown and width of traveled way, curbing, grass strips, sidewalks, utility locations, etc. 

  20. Construction details for catch basins, manholes, end-walls, head-walls, rip-rap, and energy dissipators, detention ponds, access rows, level lip spreaders, etc.

  21. Proposed layout and design of any and all parks, pools, or similar community improvements, including all water, drainage and electrical layouts, if any, designed to service such community improvements.

  22. Any other pertinent information which the Planning Board may request.

  23. Every plan shall have at least four survey-quality points on each sheet tied into the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System (most current NAD datum), using said published control points or the global positioning system.  The plan must note the coordinates of the four tie-in points, the datum, and the source and location of monuments used for data.

  24. A table listing lot numbers with the corresponding lot size and street frontage for every lot.