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Current as of April, 2009


7.09  Submission of Revised Plans, Additional Materials, etc.

Any revised plans and other additional materials submitted by the developer after the original submission, must be accompanied by a Form K and the appropriate Fee and the developer must provide the number of copies and the format required for the original submittal.

The Planning Board may elect not to consider such revised plans or other additional materials if such plans/materials are not filed with the Planning Office at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the Public Hearing or meeting at which the developer wishes them to be considered.  This is to ensure that the Town boards and the public have adequate time to review and comment on said materials.

  1. After approval of any Definitive Plan, the location and width of ways shown thereon, or any street or way subject to the Subdivision Control Law, shall not be changed unless the plan is amended in accordance with the provisions set forth in MGL Ch. 41, §81-W, as amended, and approved by the Planning Board.
  2. In the event the applicant desires to alter or change the grade of a street or the size, location or layout of a storm sanitary or water line or appurtenant structure, he shall:
    1. Provide the Planning Board with a written statement requesting such alteration or change.
    2. Provide the Planning Board with three (3) prints of the original Definitive Plan with the proposed changes drawn on said prints in red.
    3. No change or alteration shall be permitted unless approved by the Planning Board.
    4. After approval of a change or alteration, the applicant shall cause such approved changes to be shown on the record plans (see §7.07 (2c)).
    5. Deviations from material and construction specifications shall not be allowed, except as specifically authorized by the Planning Board.
    6. The Planning Board shall have thirty (30) days to respond to the applicant's request for said change or alteration.