Seal of the Town of Huntington

This is an unofficial version. For the official version, please see the Town Clerk.
Current as of April, 2009


8.01  General

The subdivider shall observe all design standards as hereinafter provided. These shall be considered minimum standards and shall be waived or modified only for the purposes of improved subdivision design or the preservation and enhancement of natural features.

8.02  Relation of Design to Town Plans

The design and layout of a proposed subdivision must be guided by the goals and objectives of any plan which has been endorsed by a Town Meeting or by the Selectboard, and which is in place in the Town of Huntington at the time of submission of the Preliminary Plan, if submitted, or the Definitive Plan, in cases where there is no Preliminary Plan.  This shall include, but not be limited to, a Master or Comprehensive Plan.

8.03  Lot Size and Frontage

All lots created within the proposed subdivision shall comply with the dimensional requirements of the Zoning Bylaws of the Town of Huntington for the zoning district(s) which contain the land being subdivided.

8.04  Protection of Natural Features

Unless the subdivider can demonstrate, to the Planning Board’s satisfaction, good reason to do otherwise, the subdivision must be designed to retain as much of the natural topography, drainage, and vegetation as possible.  The intention of this requirement is to minimize impact on the surrounding neighborhood of the subdivision and on the overall character of the Town of Huntington. To this end, the Board may require that the subdivider use the services of a registered landscape architect.  The subdivider shall design the development in such a way as to preserve and protect features of cultural significance, such as historic and scenic sites.

8.05  Access Through Another Municipality

In any case where access to the proposed subdivision is by a private road which is situated in another municipality, certification shall be provided by the applicant showing that said road is in compliance with the Subdivision Rules and Regulations and any Master or Comprehensive Plan in place in that municipality, and that a legally adequate performance bond has been duly posted or that said access is adequate for current and projected traffic.