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Current as of April, 2009


9.01  General

It is the policy of the Planning Board to encourage the use of the natural topography, swales, and drainage, if adequate under normal circumstances, to carry surface runoff and storm waters from roadways in a subdivision. Where natural features aren’t adequate to provide sufficient drainage, the Board may require other measures, such as swales, drainage channels, and storm water holding basins for areas of moderate concern and culverts, catch basins, paved drainage channels, curbs, and berms for areas prone to flooding.

Streets, sidewalks, water systems, sanitary sewers, storm drain systems, public and private utilities and other infrastructure shall be constructed in accordance with this chapter and the current editions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Works (a) “Standard Specifications for Highways, Bridges and Waterways,”   (to be referred to herein as the “Standard Specifications”), (b) “Construction Standards” (to be referred to herein as the “Construction Standards”), and (c) “Massachusetts Erosion and Sedimentation Control Guidelines for Urban and Suburban Areas”  in effect on the date of submission of the subdivision application,

Except where written waiver is issued by the Board, the following minimum specifications shall govern the installation of all roadways, utilities, and other improvements in all subdivisions as designated on the definitive plan and as otherwise approved by the Board. No applicable bond, deposit, or covenant shall be released except as specified in §7.07 of these Rules, until inspection has been completed and the Board has issued written approval of all work done under this section.

9.02  Staking

Subdividers shall employ, at their own expense, a professional engineer or registered land surveyor to set all lines and grades in accordance with the provisions of §5:07 of the Standard Specifications.