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Current as of April, 2009


9.05  Utilities

  1. Where a subdivision is within reasonable distance of an existing sewer line, a complete sanitary sewer system shall be installed and connected to the existing town or district sewers by the subdivider.
  2. Where a subdivision is located beyond the range of an existing sewer, but in an area planned to be served by a future extension of the sewer system, the subdivider shall make provision for future connections from each dwelling to the sewer in the street, and under such conditions septic tanks shall be used.

    Where a subdivision is located in an area to which extension of the sewer system is not planned, septic tanks shall be used. All septic tanks and disposal systems shall conform with the regulations of the Board of Health and the State Sanitary Code.

  3. Adequate disposal of surface water shall be provided consistent with §9.01 of these Rules. Catch basins shall be built in conformity with specifications of the Superintendent of Roads or Town Engineer on both sides of the roadway on continuous grades at intervals of not more than four hundred feet, at low points and sags in the roadway, and near the corners of the roadway at intersecting streets.
  4. Where a subdivision is within reasonable distance of an existing water line, a complete water system, including hydrants, mainline valves, and related appurtenances shall be constructed to serve all lots, in conformity with Town regulations.
  5. Hydrants shall be installed by the subdivider so that all dwellings in the subdivision are within three hundred feet of a hydrant, unless a greater distance is approved by the Town Fire Chief and/or Water Department in writing, which document shall be submitted as part of the Definitive Plan or its revisions.

  6. Culverts shall be installed at driveway/road intersections where deemed necessary by the Building Inspector and/or Superintendent of Roads. Culverts must meet standards established by the Superintendent of Roads as to material and size.
  7. All electric and telephone wiring shall be installed underground in the subdivision, in accordance with the plan required in §7.03 (15D) of these Rules.