Seal of the Town of Huntington

General Bylaws

The General Bylaw* is searchable below, or you can download a PDF version (updated 1/12/16). If you don't have it already, you can download Adobe Reader here.

*The General Bylaw is a living document. Amendments are made to it regularly at town meetings. Please be sure you have the most current version.

  1. Town Meeting & Election
  2. Nomination for Office
  3. Five Legal Posting Places
  4. Destroy Notices/Postings
  5. Moderators Reference Book
  6. Quorum Requirements
  7. Finance Committee Appointments
  8. Council on Aging
  9. Residence Requirement for Elected Positions
  10. Appointed/Elected Official Resignation
  11. Site Development Review
  12. Dogs
  13. Refuse
  14. Wood Waste Dumping
  15. Percolation Testing & Deep Hole Observation
  16. Soliciting Permission
  17. Soliciting Permit
  18. Junk Dealing
  19. The Keeping of Unregistered Motor Vehicles
  20. Drinking Law
  21. Street Parking
  22. Injury of Natural/Mechanical Water Supply
  23. Animals on Public Property
  24. Nude Display
  25. Skateboarding
  26. Gate/Door on Public Property
  27. Injury to Street Lighting
  28. Graffiti
  29. Obstruction of Town Sewer
  30. Moving Existing Building on Public Street
  31. Glass/Nails/Etc. Thrown on Streets/Walks
  32. Shooting/Throwing Stones, Arrows, Missiles, Etc.
  33. Anti-Litter By-Law Definitions
  34. Indecent Exposure-Boisterous Behavior
  35. Deface Item to Profane or Obscene Item
  36. Obstruction Public Way
  37. Driving on Sidewalk
  38. Polluting of Streams/Waterways/Land with Carcass of Dead Animal
  39. Inspection Fees
  40. Streets and Ways
    1. Section 40-B Closing of Town ways and Bridges (PDF)
    2. Section 40-C Throwing Snow on Town Property (PDF)
  41. By-Laws to be Altered or Amended
  42. Enforcing Body-Selectboard
  43. Enforcement
  44. Invalidity of One or Part of By-Law
  45. Headings are Informational
  46. Deny Permits/Licenses for Non-Payment of Taxes
  47. Tax Payments $25.00 or Less Made in One Payment
  48. Library Materials
  49. Personal water craft
  50. Right-to-farm
  51. Stretch Energy Code (PDF)
  52. Town of Huntington Local Historic District (PDF)
  53. Preservation of Historically Significant Buildings (PDF)
  54. Selectboard (includes Sec. 54 A-C) (PDF)